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VR Goggles


Our Story

Almouneer was established in 2020 as chain of dedicated smart comprehensive eye-clinics with a focus on diabetics. The Group was founded by Dr. Noha Khater, a renowned ophthalmologist in Egypt and Dr. Rania Kadry, a PhD in Social Science Computing. Almouneer initially aimed to eradicate blindness caused by diabetes through providing a one stop shop fully digital solution catering to all the needs of patients.

An aging population coupled with a growing incidence of diabetes is expected to continue to support a large demand for eye-care services as well as other healthcare services catering to the diabetic patient.

Almouneer currently provides a broad range of ocular services built on an advanced technology platform including:

  1. Checkup: refractive errors measurement, and full comprehensive eye examination

  2. Diagnostics: diagnostic tests such as retinal imaging, visual field and ultrasound

  3. Treatment: treatment for all eye diseases and for diabetic retinopathy

This includes intravitreal injection (Anit-VEGF) and laser.

We are expanding in the Management revenue share model through our interactive patient/provider platform. This format diversity will allow for a faster roll out, broader penetration of the market and greater efficiency in all diabetes related disciplines.

Meet the Team

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