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Personalized diabetic care

Living well with diabetes

Diabetics and pre-diabetics need personalized care and companionship in their journey. Hope and care are offered to all our patients throughout their journey.

Using a Touch Phone

Download dru Today!

dru is the first lifestyle and wellness app helping millions in the region with the prevention and management of Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes & Obesity.

dru is available for download on the Apple Store and on Google Play.

Choose your team of doctors

Diabetes causes complications by affecting health functions like ocular, renal, cardiac and many others

Get your diabetes coach

A personalized coach can help answer all your questions

Connect your wearables

Connect your smart wearables

24/7 Online support

Get support from the right specialist at any time. Have access to skilled professionals to answer all your questions

View all your medical records

Get an overview on all your medical records and doctors visits

Manage every aspect of your clinic with ease

We offer a community of care

Organise your patient flow

Full financial visibility and analysis

Connect to a vibrant doctor community

Maximise patient retention

Hassle-free patient interaction

Access all your patient's medical records

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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to effectively preserve the health of diabetic patients through personalized quality care, state of the art technology. Our aspiration is to be the leader for all diabetic care services globally.

Our Mission

To deliver online and offline support to diabetic patients and their  families through our two way digital platform by leveraging technology to improve patient outcome and medical practices.

Image by Anh Trần


Our doctors have ample experience in diagnosing and treating diabetes related complications.

Rock Balancing

Digital Operations

Operations are constantly digitally reviewed and optimised to provide convenience and save time and money for our patients.

Improving long-term wellbeing of patients by raising awareness of diabetic complications

Image by Ameen Fahmy


From electronic medical records to diagnostics software, to immersive technology , Almouneer is constantly innovating and disrupting the industry



At Almouneer we offer an enriching team-driven employment experience. If you have a passion for caring, a commitment to quality, and a desire to constantly learn and grow, then  Almouneer is the place for you, so get in touch!

Rewards and Recognition

Selected as an Endeavor company in 2017.

Finalists at the Cartiers Woman’s Initiative Awards 2018.

Selected by the US government to represent Egypt at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019.

Selected as a case study by INSEAD Master Strategists Day in 2019 and 2022.

Prof. Dr. Noha selected as one of the Most Influential Egyptian Women in 2020 because of her commitment to social impact.

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